I’m Ceil Kessler.

I like to write dark fiction and comedy, renovate housesinspire flash fiction, and talk to strangers (I have no website for that).

I also like to run, swim and bike; I like to play pool; I love photography but I’m not terribly good at it, though I’m learning bits and pieces of composition as I go; and I love almost any kind of music. Rap. Country. Classical. Jazz. Blues. Rock. I’m good with whatever. I like dark beer; red wine; a growing list of Scotch, rye, and bourbon; and during the winter I become addicted to hot buttered rum and other hot toddies.

When I go to a casino, I sit at the cheapest blackjack table I can find, and I generally win a little before I lose. Tip: if you don’t like the dealer, don’t stay at the table. I don’t know why, but listen to me on this one.

You can follow me in the following places: My Twitter @askceil. My tumblr is ceilck.tumblr.com, which I use to keep things that inspire my fiction. You can find many of my stories on ceilk.wordpress.com. More writing on a friend’s website at magnificentnose.com/author/ceilk/. And, inevitably, here is my ello: https://ello.co/ceilck.

I have accounts in most social media; if you’re looking for me, it’s a good bet that my user name is “ceilck”. If it’s not under that, it’s probably not there.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Apparently, I like everything About you : ) A kindred spirit in the world of words and cell phone photos.

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