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Today, after I helped my child figure out a video game puzzle and cooked breakfast, I decided to clean up the table but then I remembered that I had to plan tomorrow’s Girl Scout meeting. As I sat down, I remembered that a new girl had joined the troop, and I’d gotten an email about it, so I opened my email, and there was a notice about a new blog post from my friend Joshua, who goes by @alfageeek on Twitter.

I misunderstood the title, thinking that he’d finished his 2nd book (which I knew he’d been working on). But apparently he’d been working on a Twitter meme-maker, because tweets show up so badly on Facebook. So I went over to Twitter to get a few of my tweets to try it out with, and I found some and posted them; but while I was there I saw that @AnnaAnthro had RT’d an article about witch hunts and the history of bite marks. It was accompanied by a fascinating .gif which I was going to steal and add a stupid caption to, but I started reading the article instead.

Even more interesting, though, was @wunderkamercast‘s timeline, because she has declared it #WitchyWeekend, and I got wrapped up in an article which she tweeted with her comment, “Much of the world’s history has to do with adults being terrified of teenage girls” which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Teenage girls are a force to be reckoned with; and the metamorphosis of small, sweet creatures into formidable beings who are just beginning to decide whether to use their powers for good or evil is a shocking thing for any community to deal with. Especially one that’s usually governed by men. I followed her.

But I digress.

I was reading that article, but stopped halfway through because I remembered that I still had to email the parent of that new Girl Scout troop member, and I also had to find the email address for the local Girl Scout Service Unit manager and ask her about a sleepover location she had some ideas about.

Went back to my email, wrote an email to the parent, hit sent, then realized that I had forgotten to tie up the details about tomorrow’s cookie pickup. OhMyGod the Cookie Pickup looms large on Monday’s horizon. My husband has graciously volunteered to do it, and I need another parent, too. Girl Scout Cookie Pickup Rules require two people. It’s an efficiency thing, and they’ve been doing this for a long time now; and since this is my first year, I’m just gonna shut up and produce two people. But I still need to tell the other parent what time everything’s going down tomorrow, and how it all works. (As of this writing, I still haven’t sent the other parent the information.)

I got on Facebook to get the Service Manager’s email and saw a post about ADHD. Read it. Laughed. Posted it to Twitter. (Looking back now, maybe this was the first thing that distracted me on Facebook, because the other post comes after this. This day is a jumble. I’m probably forgetting some other stuff, too.) What was I on Facebook for? Oh, right. I finally managed to make it over to the Service Unit page, but not before reading about a friend’s kid’s broken finger, and my friend Randy Smith’s post about Tupelo Press’ 30/30 fundraiser, which I’d been really wanting to read, but kept not having the time for.

Tupelo Press puts out 9 issues of poetry each year, and they have this really neat fundraiser that Randy (aka @Thing_Finder on Twitter) is involved with for February. I looked into it, and maybe I’d like to submit. But that reminded me that I need to follow up with the woman who led the last free-writing seminar I was in, because I’d asked about some poetry critique packages she was offering. But first I went to check my ello account to see if I could find that one poem I wrote about angels that I simply can’t get out of my head.

And that’s when I realized that I have just been spinning and spinning and spinning in place, and all I really accomplished was a little Girl Scout meeting planning and I sent two emails, basically.

And then I laughed at ADHD again, because this is a silly thing to have.