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This recipe is from the Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book. My copy is from 1946. My mother’s copy is from 1947, I believe.

This is a recipe for gingerbread.

This is the recipe for gingerbread.

This is the recipe that forced my brother and I to have a conversation about the things we would inherit when my parents eventually pass. (I bought my own copy of the cook book, because I couldn’t stand to think that we’d have to fight over it.)

This is what defines Christmas for my oldest brother. My mother had to ship these cookies to him every year. Two dozen. Now his step-son is in charge of making them.

This is what my daughter thinks of when I say, “Let’s make cookies.”

And this is the recipe I’ll be making this week.

Frost with buttercream. Let dry. That’s very important. The buttercream softens and sweetens the cookie, making them habit-forming.