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From 1990-1996 I worked at CD Superstore, a music retail chain that eventually turned into Planet Music. I could say so much about my experiences in music retail – I am still friends with many of the people I worked with, and I learned so much professionally there – but one of the things I really miss was listening to new music, every single Tuesday.

Tuesdays were wonderful days. Our staff was made of people who genuinely loved music and we would gather ’round a stack of CDs, opening them like it was Christmas morning. We would take the most eagerly-anticipated CDs and pop them into the overhead sound system. Qualities of each album were thoughtfully assessed, discussed and debated.

Sure, we were a lot like the guys in High Fidelity who took ourselves way too seriously. But hey: love is love. When you really love music, and you’re around a bunch of people who feel the same, that’s just what happens.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you about a bunch of places you can go to create your own New Release Tuesday. Billboard Magazine used to list every single new release, but I don’t see it on their website, so I’m guessing you have to buy the magazine to see it now. Which would be fine if the subscription wasn’t a car payment.

So. Here you go.

Spotify has a playlist they update every week. It has curated selections from new albums.

AllMusic.com has a very good list. They also feature biographies and other artist links and information.

Metacritic. Also a curated list. From their website: “Metacritic’s proprietary Metascore distills the opinions of the most respected critics writing online and in print to a single number.”

Amazon’s New Release List. They have a “CD and Vinyl New Releases” section, but unfortunately you only get to view twelve at a time. It may well be comprehensive, but I don’t have the patience to scroll it all to find out.

Best Buy’s New Release List. This looks like a comprehensive list, viewable 50 at a time, which is better than Amazon. Once you get there, you can limit by a number of attributes, including actual release week.

When I get the chance, it’s fun to pick out some of the new releases – especially from bands I’ve never heard of – and pop them into Spotify or Soundcloud and check them out. Makes Tuesdays more fun.

Photo by Eldeem on Flickr’s Creative Commons