…I had to share it.

Never mind that earlier today, a friend stopped by to have coffee and cheesecake with me. Never mind that I swore I’d be on a low-carb diet for the foreseeable future.

My friend Elyse who I renovate houses with (blog soon to be updated) called to ask if I wanted to go to the new White Rabbit Patisserie that recently opened in downtown Greensburg. Here’s what we had:



From left to right:

-A bleu cheese (their spelling) and hazelnut scone, with clotted cream and red onion relish.
-A lavender vanilla Italian cream soda.
-A pistachio and coconut truffle pop
-An earl grey macaron
-Raspberry clafoutis

Oh. Dear Lord. Gourmands everywhere weep, that they didn’t have this for lunch today. (Elyse, who shared the confections with me, and her bleu cheese scone are in the background.)

This isn’t nearly the blog post I’d had planned for today.

Short story: Baked goods, OMG.