Well, it’s August 1st: My personal deadline and the beginning of a new year for me.

I had given myself until this date to create a cohesive work of writing that I could sell somewhere.

As usual, not only did I over-reach on the deadline, but I did not always use my time wisely. It’s ok. For a few months I allowed myself to be a writer, and as a first-time effort I really did learn a lot. I failed at a lot of things, too – not just writing – and I learned from all those things as well. Some of the lessons were harder than others, but all probably needed to be learned.

Just goes to show that mid-life is not the wash-rinse-repeat cycle that it’s often portrayed as. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll find lots of opportunities for growth. Sometimes, more than you’d like.

So, why August 1st? Well, when my child goes back to school, I will need to be gainfully employed. In my non-pretend, not-very-creative life, I am a business intelligence and marketing consultant. There’s a software package I have to get re-acquainted with, and I estimate that I’ll need much of August to get back up to speed before I can begin to charge people for my services. (It’s Cognos, if any y’all are hiring…) Programming reports for people does require creativity, but more along the problem-solving path, and not so much along the make-up-fake-characters path.

I will probably still write. I started a book, and though I was stalled for a bit, I think I may have found a way through. I have a series of short stories planned with my artist friend Al (who I’ve mentioned here before). But don’t expect this space to be updated frequently, or frankly a lot of time spent on social media. Though, as I’ve recently said, I’ve tried to quit Twitter over four thousand times, and I’ve never been successful. I guess I’ve just made too many virtual friends to really go away for good. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my future clientele, I will probably have to curse less and stop tweeting so sarcastically about dead bodies and despair. So sad.

Now, where are all those 600-page technical manuals, again?

Today is also the birthday of my baby sister, Elisabeth Ann, who died when she was nine months old. I was five at the time, but I still remember her very well. As luck would have it, we made a spontaneous decision to bake a birthday cake yesterday (for one of my daughter’s dolls, who had a July 31st birthday thrust upon her) so maybe this year will be more about celebrating than the melancholy of missed time that typically hangs over this day. OK, going away now. Wish me luck!