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I wrote a poem yesterday whose idea attacked me in the shower. (Why aren’t there scientists studying WHY all the good ideas come in the shower? Is it the water? The enclosed space? The SOAP? What IS that?)

At any rate, I ran it past my friend Julie (who has a much more well-thought-out blog over at Perfect Whole. Please, go read everything she writes.) After some puzzling over a line, and after she asked me some pointed questions, her comment to me was, “I don’t think you’re done with this poem, and I don’t think this poem is done with you.” She advised that I put it away for a few days and think about it.

I am not world-famous for patience. What’s worse, when I create something, I nearly always release it into the world before it’s ready. I need feedback. While I’m always proud to get a “Nice job!” from someone, I really like good questions about my work. I think it helps me grow. I think it helps my work grow. (But probably, I do it because I’m just impatient. I have zero tolerance for waiting.)

This morning I was talking to my friend Al about the horrible painting I posted yesterday, and he told me about a painting he’d done that he hated so much he threw it out on the patio. After several months, he picked it back up, changed it, hated it still, and threw it back on the patio. Finally, months after that, he was about to put his foot through it when all of a sudden he knew exactly how he would change it. It’s now hanging in his daughter’s office.

Today’s lesson from the Gods of Synchronicity seems to be this: When in doubt, take a thing, file it away, and think about it some more. The answer will come eventually.

Probably in the shower.