Each Friday, I’m going to try to post some very short fiction. Sorry this post is late today; work demanded my attention this morning.


The couple walked into Gary’s auto dealership. She: tall, good-looking and professionally dressed. He: older, casual, but he walked with authority. They sat next to each other in the waiting room for just a moment, before she stood and came toward him.

She reached out her hand, which he shook, then she pulled Gary a little closer to her and spoke low. “We would like to buy that black Mustang convertible, right on the corner of this row. We’ll write a check.”

“I can get all that ready for you. Is that your husband?” Gary asked, rising.

“He’s not feeling well today, so he asked me to handle everything.”

“Well, alright, I’ll be right back with your paperwork.”


Gary went into the back and thought about the woman. Of course, a rich man like the one sitting in his waiting room could not only marry a beautiful, younger woman, but she was also stylish and seemed to have a certain understated intelligence about her. Could he ever find a woman like that? Would someone like her even look twice at him? He wasn’t a bad-looking man, but he enjoyed B-movies more than opera, and the popularity of designer clothes eluded his understanding.

Sliding the papers out of their respective slots, he wondered how often he’d done this precise action. He fantasized about the couple in his waiting room, the parties they had attended. The cities they traveled to. He pictured himself driving their new Mustang, top down, on a coastal highway. He closed his eyes into the moment, and gave himself some extra time before he urged himself to return. The Gary who emerged from the supply room was mostly the same Gary that went in.

“Here you go, ma’am.” He handed the papers over.

“Thank you,” the woman replied. “We’ll fill these out and bring them right back to you at this desk, then?”

“Sure. That’d be great.” He smiled the friendliest smile he had. She returned a cordial one, and walked back to the waiting room, leaving a wake of elegance behind her.

He watched as she handed her husband the clipboard. She was so attentive. So intimate.  Even producing the pen for him to write the check was an enjoyable moment between the two. They even chatted a little as he produced his ID, her hand lingering on his leg. She gathered it all with enchantment, and seemed to glow as she walked back to Gary’s desk.

“Hello,” she said cheerfully. “I think everything is here.”

Gary’s spirit lifted inexplicably as he reviewed everything. He validated the numbers. He cleared the man’s check. It all seemed to be in order. “Can I take you both out to the car?”

“No, we already took a test drive last week at a different dealership, so we’re very familiar with the car. We’ll just take the keys, please? We have to be somewhere in about an hour, and I still have to get ready.” Of course they had to go somewhere. On his way to the key cabinet, Gary wondered if it was a garden party, or a meeting at a state official’s home. Something glamorous. Something fabulous.

When he returned, she seemed to look into his eyes a moment longer than was appropriate, making him involuntarily swallow and blink. “Uh, here you go!” He handed them to her. “Thank you for your business!”

“Thank YOU.” She said. “It was a real pleasure.” She smiled pleasantly, and walked off.

After conferring with her husband, she left to get the Mustang. Gary thought, quite naturally, that he man was probably going to take the car they’d both come in. Which car was that, he wondered. He scanned the parking lot for a high-end vehicle but saw none that fit the bill. Perhaps they’d gotten dropped off? But as soon as this thought came to him, he saw the woman drive the Mustang off the lot, down the highway, and through the intersection.

Puzzling. The husband stood up and watched her drive off as well. Hands on hips and furrowed brow, he seemed puzzled , too.  Still staring at the last spot that the car was visible on the highway, the man walked to Gary’s desk.

“Where’s SHE going?” he asked.

“She said she had somewhere to go in an hour…?” Gary’s question dissolved in the air.

“She said she was going to bring my car around for me.”

“Well, she’ll probably be at your house. Why don’t you just meet her there?”

“Do you deliver now?” he asked incredulously.

“Deliver? I don’t understand.” Gary began to sense something just beyond his comprehension.

“Your saleswoman. Is she delivering my car?”

That was when Gary knew for certain that he was in love.